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By Mungai Valeria Maria Carla

Baldini shirt factory and shop was set up in  Prato more than 100 years ago. The superb handicraft skills of the first shirt-makers are now in the hands of the third generation, represented by Mrs. Valeria, the current manager of the prestigious atelier. The company produces a wide range of tailor-made clothes: shirts, pijamas, boxers, and blouses.
The choice of top quality fabrics, both classic and modern, is extremely wide, coming
both from Italy and abroad. With discretion and courtesy, Mrs. Valeria advises all her clients, who can immediately appreciate the fruit of such experience and skills in an unmistakably tasteful piece of clothing. The atelier stands out for its constant eye for detail:
buttons are always hand-sewn, using the “lily stitch”.
Clients include famous people of all ages (Prince Klaus, husband to Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands, was a client for over 30 years), capable of appreciating the elegance and refinement of well-manufactured clothes.